Why A Record Book For Road Kill Trophy Animals?

Once upon a time in a state not so far away, the Wilson family was motoring to the North Woods to Lake Scopenee for their annual stay at Don's Motorlodge and Bullhead Ranch.  It was a dark and rainy night as Mr. Wilson skillfully guided the family mini-van the final six miles when out of nowhere, like a blur....a deer darted out of the woods, (a large buck, hot on the trail of a doe that had already crossed the road), heavily impacting the Wilson van.  Yes, it was sad as the family looked down at the lifeless form beside the road.  For Mr. Wilson, it was even sadder as he surveyed the damage to the family mini-van.

A year or so later little Billy Wilson had an idea:  "Why don't we honor the fallen roadside animals by putting them in a record book?"

And so it was.  The Wilson family initiated their own roadkill hikes, looking for and cataloging the many fallen animals along the roadsides in their own record book.  The competition between Billy and his sister Susie was fierce.  Every evening while at Don's Motorlodge and Bullhead Ranch, Mr. Wilson measured the road kills of the day to determine the daily winner.

What began as a family pass time for the Wilson's is now a national book of registry paying tribute to the deer, raccoons, fox, crows, coyotes, pheasants and other animals  that have met their maker on the nation’s highways.  Little Billy...one of our founders...never forgot.


Road Kill Record Book Club Supports Only Ethical And Natural Roadkill Acquisition

Only animals that have accidentally and legitimately been hit by motor vehicles, (cars, trucks, ATV’s, SUV’s, snowmobiles, motorhomes), that have passed before you are eligible for entry into the Road Kill Record Book.  Intentional harvest of creatures by vehicle is strictly forbidden.  Any violation of bylaw 101-B will result in the denial of all rights.  All entries by the guilty party will be permanently withdrawn and all fees forfeited.  Further, the guilty party will be banned for life from membership in the Roadkill Record Book Club.

Let’s Be Careful Out There!™

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