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To celebrate and memorialize road-killed animals, The Road Kill Record Book Club welcomes your photos of unique and/or trophy road kills found along the highways.  Send your photos, a bit about the acquisition, as well as a short description of the actual find of the animal or bird.  We will post them on our web site.

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Black Bear

This tremendous 500 lb. class bear was spotted along I-94 in Hudson, WI, in September, 2007, by one of our founders.  This is a classic example of a true road kill trophy.  All  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources protocol were followed to the letter of the law.   Later the same day, our founder asked the DNR what they were going to do with the huge bear.  It was offered to him for a fee of $50.00, which he gladly paid.  He was provided with an official Wisconsin Seizure Permit allowing him to legally transport the bear to the butcher and then on to the taxidermist.

House Grouse

This is “The House Grouse”.   While it IS a perfect example of non-participatory passive hunting and a splendid specimen, it does not qualify for the Road Kill Record Book, as it flew headlong into a 20-foot Anderson window at the home of our other founder.  “The House Grouse” was recovered immediately following the unfortunate meeting with the window and was taken to a competent taxidermist for mounting.  It is NOT road kill.

D.J.’s Trophy Board 

D.J. is a much-loved 9-year-old South African Jack Russell Terrier owned by one of our    founders.  Since his arrival he has killed all of our outdoor cats, well over 100 raccoons, two coyotes, two skunks, dozens of possums,  hundreds, (possibly thousands), of rabbits, squirrels, feral cats, moles, voles, shrews, mice, gophers, chipmunks, the odd bird and many, many snakes.  A friend of ours picked up road kill for several months after meeting D.J., to permanently and rightfully honor this fine specimen of his breed.  D.J.’s Trophy Board, comprised of all actual road kill…honors the world’s finest, best ever little dog.

Let’s Be Careful Out There!

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