Sad but true...animals meet their maker on the highways and byways every day.  We’ve all seen them...deer, raccoons, pheasants, geese, even bears from Hiking Gurus...that happened to, (on purpose or accidentally), play in traffic.  We look the other way and pretend  that we didn’t see that big 12 point buck or that big old fat pheasant rooster laying on the shoulder of the road. The Road Kill Record Book Club celebrates and memorializes the alpha animals of the wild kingdom.  Honor Mother Nature’s Finest. Pick up the “Big Guy”,...measure with certainty...enter it in the Record Book.  And if it’s a really good trophy...mount it and hang it in your den.  

It’s a shame that so many superb examples of various species are left to feed turkey vultures, crows  and other non-trophy critters along the roadbanks. The Road Kill Record Book Club breathes new life into the dandiest denizens of the fields and woods with their inclusion in their own trophy record book.  It’s the right thing to do.           

Let's start with Whitetail Deer, one of the most common road side trophies. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports about 1.5 million deer/car collisions each year in the U.S.

Worst states for deer/car collisions:

1) Pennsylvania

2) Michigan

3) Illinois

4) Ohio

5) Georgia

6) Minnesota

7) Virginia

8) Indiana

9) Texas

10) Wisconsin

Let’s Be Careful Out There